Global Weather Interactive

Make informative agricultural commodity trading decisions by putting historical and forecast weather data at your fingertips

Agricultural commodity trading is especially sensitive to weather conditions. Staying up to date with the latest weather trends and forecasts is vital for success in this volatile market. With MDA’s Global Weather Interactive users turn data into actionable information with the ability to visualize, map and analyze real-time weather data, historical weather data and forecasted weather data from over 900 domestic and nearly 5,700 international weather stations in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Define your period of interest, geographic area and parameters to produce maps and data tables in seconds

% normal precipitation across Brazil during January 2016. Excessive precipitation or prolonged dryness can each pose threats to crops. Users of this product are able to easily identify the crop areas for specific time periods.

Global Weather Interactive is a real-time, interactive tool with access to historical weather information, current weather information and forecast weather information for optimum weather trend analysis and weather anomaly detection. Users of MDA's Global Weather Interactive have the ability to create maps and tables by selecting from a wide range of parameters for optimum customization.

Available parameters include:

  • Maximum, departure, normal and highest temperature
  • Minimum, departure, normal and lowest temperature
  • Average, departure and normal temperature
  • Growing degree days (GDD)
  • Total, % normal and normal precipitation
  • Crop overlays to quickly identify critical crop regions

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