Analog Forecasting - DynaCast

Access cleaned climate and synoptic data from across the U.S. and around the world with MDA’s DynaCAST, our analog forecasting tool

Cleaned, historical data is critical when evaluating and making decisions based upon weather situations. DynaCAST is a powerful, pattern recognition forecasting tool that incorporates historical weather data with up-to-date weather data to provide visual and analytical guidance for historical analyses and forecasting for use by meteorologists, analysts and traders. Create maps depicting historical data for indicators including temperature, precipitation volatility, weighted degree days and crop production. With DynaCAST, you have access to short term forecasting (1-15 day) or you can choose your own time frame and parameters.

Historical, observed and forecast information on a global scale


     The above image shows average temperature departures during
     a user-specified time period.

  • Cleaned/quality controlled, historical weather information for any day or period back to 1950
  • Graphical and tabular guidance using the MDA Weather Services’ 1-15 day forecast
  • Weighted degree days: gas weighted, population weighted and electric weighted degree days
  • Historical rankings dating back to 1950
  • Heating, cooling and growing degree days
  • Extract quantitative data for multiple parameters from a list of 200 cities
  • Auto-weighted analog forecast using various atmospheric drivers
  • Analog thumbnail viewing
  • Hub height wind anomalies

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