Better information leads to better decision making

Whether you are a small commodity trader or an international oil and gas firm, MDA provides custom crafted solutions and information to help you make timely business decisions. Our focus is on delivering and communicating optimal risk modeling services for a variety of industries. Our capabilities focus on the use of satellite imagery, sophisticated spatial analytics, numerous open source and premium data sets and a heritage that is centered on the natural sciences. Our team consists of artists, climatologists, computer scientists, data architects, data engineers, geographers, geologists, meteorologists, photogrammetry specialists and physicists with an amazing passion for the sciences who all work together to produce superior products and services that enable our clients to maximize their full potential.

Industries we serve

Commodity Trading & Hedging

Weather impacts both the supply and demand side of many commodities. For over 40 years MDA has worked alongside thousands of commodity market participants to deliver the industry’s most trusted weather information. Our customers know that use of our weather information can provide better positioning in both the Ag and Energy markets and drive stronger profits. Through strategic partnerships, our own proprietary analytics, a robust understanding of the global marketplace of weather data and information and a fundamental understanding of how the markets can leverage weather information, we have a built a portfolio of products, services and data sets that have become standard tools in commodity markets. We offer a truly global service that focuses on the key issue of supply and demand modeling while also capturing and communicating the uncertainty and risks in the weather forecasts. For more information, please contact us or visit our Weather Desk™.

Oil & Gas

MDA’s extensive remote sensing and geospatial analytic expertise was originally developed for the oil and gas industry over 40 years ago. Back then, as well as today, MDA continues to be an all-source image provider using remote sensing and deep geologic knowledge to provide solutions to oil and gas clients at the regional and site-level. As trusted advisors, MDA is routinely called upon to solve complex geospatial problems in:

  • Exploration operations
  • Facility planning and management
  • Emergency response 
  • Health Safety and the Environment (HSE)

MDA’s relationships with many of the world’s leading imagery providers allow us to serve as a powerful advisor to our customers and a superior conduit when imagery is needed at a moment’s notice. In addition to our imagery capabilities, we also support the industry with a full suite of Metocean analytics that help our customers to better understand the environment in which they operate to evaluate the risks they can and will encounter. See Satellite Imagery.

Production Agriculture

MDA has been at the leading edge of technological innovation helping stakeholders within the Ag community better understand and leverage the immense volume of data that is being made available every day. MDA’s meteorologists and image analysts combine their expertise to create actionable information and applications to support producers globally. MDA leverages historic weather data, ensemble based forecasts, imagery inputs from satellites and UAVs to customize solutions for our customers. MDA has built web applications to generate variable rate prescriptions for agriculture inputs, products for in-season monitoring of crops and analytics/tools to estimate crop yields at the field, regional and national levels. In addition, MDA offers a suite of subscription based product offerings to support producers and growers throughout the agriculture industry. 


Whether identifying risks on a Right of Way, improving outage prediction/planning/resolution, enhancing operational efficiencies or improving customer/employee safety and satisfaction, utility companies rely on MDA’s innovative technology solutions and proprietary analytics to help guide their decisions. MDA combines vast amounts of field data with our extensive weather information and geospatial data to provide our utility customers with the information they need to understand the nuances and unseen risk from a geological and environmental perspective.Through the use of our powerful web services and comprehensive, easy-to-use applications, utility clients are better empowered to make more informed and efficient decision making.