Defense & Intelligence

For over 45 years MDA has developed innovative solutions that help the defense and intelligence communities meet their mission needs while mitigating risks. Whether analyzing world events using open source information, tracking human activity in remote corners of the globe, or monitoring changing landscapes in strategic locations, MDA provides timely and accurate support to defense and intelligence agencies by harnessing and turning data into intelligence information to enhance national security.

Federal & Civil

MDA works alongside federal and civil agencies providing geospatial information and services to assist in such areas as emergency preparedness planning, public safety, public health, natural resource management and conservation, land management and homeland security.

State & Local

With increasing demand for services and shrinking budgets, state and local governments need alternative solutions that are both affordable and reliable. Whether you are planning for emergencies, monitoring land development, or evaluating current infrastructure, MDA’s custom geospatial modeling solutions will make sure your resources are focused in the right place at the right time.