Friday, 16 March, 2018

Persistent Cold across Europe Increases Energy Demand; Brings Record Lows to Germany

GAITHERSBURG, MD - (March 16, 2018) Prolonged cold across the UK and Europe has led to increased energy demand, record low temperatures, and in parts of the UK, late season snowfall. Another round of Siberian chill is expected to impact the continent in the coming days, making mid-March feel more like mid-winter with record-challenging cold and more opportunities for snow. Much like the cold snap in late February and early March, this chill will be felt continent-wide with temperatures expected to bottom out near record levels in Berlin early next week while reaching below freezing in Madrid mid-week.  Europe population-weighted heating degree days (PWHDDs) are forecast to exceed the maximum daily values in our records dating back to 1981.

“The pattern is being driven by a strong and persistent blocking ridge over the North Atlantic,” says Steve Silver, senior meteorologist at Radiant Solutions. “Many of Europe’s most notable cold events are driven by this type of pattern, which acts to suppress mild Atlantic westerlies and force Arctic air southward. These patterns also tend to linger longer than models suggest.” 

In addition to the chill, snow is in the forecast this weekend in the United Kingdom with widespread amounts of 2-5 cm expected along with higher 5-10 cm totals possible especially in higher elevations. The UK Met Office has issued ‘Amber’ and ‘Yellow’ warnings for the, including an Amber warning for London which details a medium impact/medium likelihood snow and ice event.

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